Jean-Luc Collet

Humans of IBMAoT

A series on our inspiring and inclusive academy of eminent technology thought leaders who have an enduring impact in making the world better.

jean luc


Jean-Luc Collet is a key leader of our Academy of Technology (AoT) who manages the New Member Outreach strategic initiative. He is passionate about IBMers, our technical community transformation and its vitality.

podcast In this seven-minute podcast, he explains why this is imperative to embrace our new IBM colleagues and help them succeed and collaborate with our AoT during IBM’s historic transformation.

His AoT Mission: How to introduce our AoT to new IBM technical hires (including acquisitions).

His AoT Objective: Treasure our technical wild ducks and onboard them faster into our academy to increase our technical vitality and accelerate IBM’s transformation.

His AoT Goal: Infuse best practices of acquired company’s and IBM’s to spark and excellerate innovative client solutions.

rapid fire

At this point, you can see Jean-Luc is truly a passionate techie about people. Now let’s explore his personal side in these rapid fire questions:

Mac or PC = Mac

Favorite quote:  “The best way to predict the future is to invent it” – by Alan Kay, inventor of UI Windowing @Xerox and Apple Fellow.

Movie = I must pick two:  Memento (2001) by C.Nolan (also JLC V9Director of Inception & Interstellar); and Pulp Fiction by Q. Tarentino

New technology = Brain communication (brain to brain, machine to brain, e.g. virtual reality, “telepathy” is no more science fiction)

Author/Book = the Robots – Isaac Asimov (one of my first memorable reading)

Vacation = Everywhere there is sea or snow (see hobby)JLC  V7

Food = Japanese & Indonesian

Hobby/Sport = Motorcycling, Snowboarding, KiteSurf, Music (listening)

Are you right or left-handed? Left-handed.

For the record, Jean-Luc is the first member of our AoT who we have profiled that is left-handed.

Yes, he is unique.

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